Industrial Relations

Who We Represent

FDAWU represents employees in accommodation, food manufacturing, food retail and food services.


FDAWU's membership also include workers in any business concern or establishment which produces, prepares, stores, supplies or markets food, drinks, tobacco and associated commodities of any kind whatsoever.


Our objectives are as follows:

Promote good industrial relations between members and their employers
Improve the working conditions of members and enhance their economic and social status
Raise the productivity for the benefit of members, their employers and the economy of Singapore


Industry Transformation and Skills

How is your job transforming for the future?

Check out the Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs). ITMs are integrated roadmaps that outline the competitiveness plan of each sector. Each plan is supported by four pillars:


Jobs & Skills
Trade & Internationalisation


FDAWU is a partner to these four ITMs: Food Manufacturing; Food Services; Hotel; and Retail.

Click on the picture to view your sector ITM.

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Interested to find out what skills you need to get ahead?

Check out the Skills Framework (SF) for your sector. The framework provides a guide on the sector's career pathways, occupations / job roles, as well as existing and emerging skills required for the occupations / job roles. It also provides a list of training programmes for skills upgrading and mastery.


Food Manufacturing SF :
Food Services SF :
Hotel SF :
Retail SF :
What is a Skills Framework :
Who is Worker 4.0 :


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